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Skill & Execution Gap

Outdated or Missing in-house Technical Knowledge

Outsource Budget & Oversight Constraints

CTO Departure or No Tech Founder

Navigating the complexities of entrusting third parties with the success of your company can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, these external contractors often lack the sense of urgency and accountability required to fully execute on your company's vision.

As clients progress through various growth cycles, both existing teams and contractors encounter the hurdles of scalability, expansion, security, and operational efficiency.

Clients lacking a comprehensive understanding of technology struggle to effectively manage their budgets and meet project deadlines.

The detrimental consequences of tech fraud and subpar development often go unnoticed and undiscovered until a company reaches critical stages of scale, security, milestone payments, product enhancements, or handover.



Implement, Hire & Manage

Work with your teams & contractors

We bridge the technology gap for companies with our proven methodology.


Work in-house & Outsource solutions

Our Pillars

Our executive team & advisors focus on building and delivering

Our Services

Empower your company to meet its expanding technological requirements by enlisting the expertise of a seasoned development team. Whether you prefer an in-house, outsourced, or hybrid approach, we offer flexible options to accommodate your specific needs.

Resource Planning & Development


Revenue Focus

Our Executive Team operates as a Co-Founder, responsible for supervising the implementation and execution of the product, as well as managing the resources needed to bring the company's vision to life.

Development & Deliverables

Collaborate seamlessly with your existing technology team to assess product implementation, security, and architecture. Leverage the expertise of our skilled development team, tailored to meet your company's evolving technology needs.

Signs that your business is at risk

Trapped with an Outsourced Vendor

Lack of in-house technical knowledge

Endless variations of time and money

Code / IP locked away with your external developer

Reality check

Build the foundations for the next phase

Talk with our team

We're a team of experts, advisors, and problem-solvers, all dedicated to building to the journey of taking businesses to the the next phase.

Enabling Technology & Teams

Unlock & elevate untapped business potential.

We're a team of experts, advisors and problem-solvers, all dedicated to building to the journey of taking businesses to the the next phase.


Our sweet spot

Solving quality, cost & control challenges faced by technology companies.

The damage caused by tech fraud & poor development is overlooked and undiscovered until the company reach the critical thresholds of scale, security, milestone payments, product enhancements or handover.


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